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Who was Vercingetorix? Short biograhpy. Vercingetorix history, pictures and videos. Vercingetorix facts, birthday and Life Story…

Vercingetorix (mid 1st century BC) – Gallic chief

Vercingetorix-the very name rings of courage and daring leadership – was chief of the Arverni tribe of Gauls. By about 53 BC, Caesar had more or less completed his conquest of Gaul, but in that year the Arverni tribe rose in revolt against Roman dominion. They were led by their fiery young chief, Vercingetorix, who was already known among Gauls for bravery and for the iron discipline with which he controlled his troops.

By 52, many of the beaten tribes rose in his support and he assembled a huge army with which to confront Caesar. The great Roman surrounded Vercingetorix with a series of huge earthwork fortifications around the Arverni town of Alesia and besieged it. Vercingetorix eventually surrendered and the revolt was over. Gaul was pacified and became a Roman province.

According to custom, Caesar sent Vercingetorix to Rome in chains, where he languished in prison until Caesar could exhibit him at his triumph, which he did in 46.