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Titus Livius – Livy

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Livy (Titus Livius) – (59 BC-17 AD) – Roman historian

Livy was very fortunate to get noticed by Octavian (Augustus, p. 42), who became the first emperor of Rome. Octavian patronized him and encouraged him to get on with an enormous project, a full history of the Roman people, from the foundation of the city in 753, to the year 9 BC. This remarkable work apparently filled one hundred and forty two volumes, of which only thirty four have survived in their complete texts. Fortunately, however, Livy also wrote digests of each of the one hundred and forty two books and so we do have an idea of the scope of this vast and invaluable work.

Titus Livius - Livy

Titus Livius – Livy