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Titus Flavius Sabinus

Who was Vespasianus, Titus Flavius Sabinus? Short biograhpy. Titus Flavius Sabinus history, pictures and videos. Titus Flavius Sabinus facts, birthday and Life Story…

Vespasianus, Titus Flavius Sabinus – (9-79 AD) – Roman emperor (69-79) AD)

Vespasian was one of the better Roman emperors. Despite humble beginnings, he had held most of the usual offices like aedile and praetor. When the Emperor Claudius ordered the conquest of Britain, Vespasian accompanied the expedition, and he conquered and brought the Isle of Wight (Vectis) under Roman rule. In 64 he was governor in Africa, and three years later he was sent to Palestine to deal with the Hebrews, who were in revolt.

Vespasian reached Antioch in Syria and marched down through Palestine. Early in 68 he captured Jericho and by the summer he was in control of the whole countryside, except for Jerusalem. At this point he heard that the emperor Nero had committed suicide after a revolt. One general after another tried to seize the imperial dignity. Then he heard that most Romans wanted him as Emperor, so he returned to Italy and there defeated the last rival, Vitellius.

As Emperor, Vespasian ruled well, earning a reputation for being mean with money. But this was not a bad thing, for his predecessors had one after the other squandered fortunes and almost bankrupted the state treasury. He had a great sense of humour. As he lay dying, he suddenly stood up and cried out, ‘An emperor should die on his feet.’ A few minutes later he gasped, ‘Dear me! I think I am turning into a god!’ and dropped dead.

Titus Flavius Sabinus

Titus Flavius Sabinus