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Who was Tiberius (Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar)? Short biograhpy. Tiberius history, pictures and videos. Tiberius facts, birthday and Life Story…

Tiberius (Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar) – (42 BC-37 AD) – Roman emperor (14—37 AD)

Tiberius was the step-son of Augustus (p. 42). He was a sour, sad-faced man, mean, cruel, humourless and suspicious by nature. But he was also an excellent administrator and commander of troops in battle, and Augustus was glad enough to give him several important commissions. In about 4 AD, Augustus officially recognized him as his heir to the imperial throne.

Augustus died in 14 and Tiberius succeeded him. It was a hard job to follow in the footsteps of one who had become revered throughout the Roman world, but at first Tiberius governed wisely and with tolerance. Then, as he got older, his natural disposition to be gloomy grew worse, and so did his suspicious nature. Soon he began to think that everyone was plotting against him, and he retaliated by having all sorts of people arrested and imprisoned or put to death, without cause or trial. ‘Let them hate me,’ he used to say, ‘so long as they fear me.’

In 27 he retired from Rome to live out the last ten years of his reign in the island of Capri where, according to the historians, he followed a life of debauchery and vice.