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Theodosius II

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Theodosius II – (401-450 AD) Emperor of Rome in the East (408—450 AD)

Theodosius II was Emperor of the Roman Empire in the East from 408 to 450 AD. This interesting man was a scholar, who specialized in the complexities of Roman law. And yet, although he was no soldier or administrator, his reign was an important one.

One of his early acts was to fortify Constantinople with a vast wall, about a mile to the west of the boundary. This astonishing engineering project stretched for miles, from the Sea of Marmora to the Golden Horn. It was about 5 metres thick, with an inner wall 12 metres high and an outer wall 9 metres high. Along it were about one hundred towers 6 metres high, with battlements. Much of it is still standing today.

Theodosius started to codify Roman law, a task completed by Justinian a century later. He also founded a university at Constantinople.

Theodosius II

Theodosius II