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Who was Themistocles? Short biograhpy. Themistocles history, pictures and videos. Themistocles facts, birthday and Life Story…

Themistocles (c.527-c.460 BC) – Athenian statesman, general and admiral

Themistocles was one of the most interesting of all the Greek leaders. Brave, cunning, treacherous, skilled alike in war and in politics, he seemed a man of mystery and has baffled historians ever since his day. After the defeat at Marathon, the Persians tried again. Themistocles appreciated the very great danger, and he urged his countrymen to build a huge fleet of ships. When the Persians did attack Greece again in about 480, Themistocles persuaded the Athenian magistrates to evacuate the city, so that much of it would be saved from the kind of destruction that resistance would bring.

Meanwhile, he would lead the fleet against the Persian ships, which he did, and at Salamis he destroyed them. It was the end of the Persian danger.

After the war, Themistocles continued to badger the Athenians to keep a strong fleet ready, just in case there was a revival of Persian aggression. He also tried to get them to fortify Athens, but they would not, partly because of the growing influence of the Spartans, who were contending with Athens for the leadership of the Greek city states. Themistocles was eventually banished, and after many adventures arrived-of all places-at the court of the Persian king, Artaxerxes, who received him with honour.