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St. Peter – (Petrus)

Who was St. Peter – (Petrus)? Short biograhpy. St. Peter history, pictures and videos. St. Peter facts, birthday and Life Story…

St. Peter (1 st century AD) – Jewish disciple of Jesus Christ

St. Peter was one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus Christ (p. 44). Not long before he was put to death, Jesus Christ had said that Peter would become the first of the twelve to go out and spread his teachings abroad. And so, not long after Jesus’ death, Peter began to preach all around Palestine, saying that Jesus was not dead at all, but was waiting to come back to earth in glory.

Several times Peter was arrested by the authorities for disturbing the peace, but he escaped, and continued to spread the gospel, though he kept it among the Jews.

There is a belief that he eventually finished up in Rome with Paul, and that he was crucified there after the fire by the imperial guards.

St. Peter - (Petrus)

St. Peter – (Petrus)