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St. Paul

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St. Paul – (1st century AD) – Jewish religious leader and Christian saint

St. Paul began life as a Hebrew, born in Tarsas in Cilicia, and called Saul. He became a tent-maker, but he was also interested in teaching Jewish law, and soon acquired a reputation as a tough opponent of all those who were not strict Hebrews. Consequently, he persecuted Christians, a new sect which had broken away from the main Hebrew religion and followed the doctrines taught by Jesus Christ (p. 44).

But one day, he announced that he had been struck down on the road to Damascus by the Christian God, who said he must give the rest of his life to spreading Christianity far and wide beyond the borders of Palestine. Saul was converted to the new faith, met some of the original disciples of Jesus, including Peter, and changed his name to Paul. Then he soon became one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the faith. In the next years he made numerous voyages around the Roman world, preaching and writing about the new religion, founding new churches, and gradually persuading men to accept that they were all equal.

When Rome was disastrously burned in the great fire of 64, while Paul was on a visit there, the Emperor Nero blamed the Christians and had many of them put to terrible deaths. They were mauled by lions and gladiators in the arena. It is thought that Paul was one of the victims.

St. Paul

St. Paul