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St. Patrick

Who was St. Patrick? Short biograhpy. St. Patrick history, pictures and videos. St. Patrick facts, birthday and Life Story…

St. Patrick (c.389-461 AD) – British saint – St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

But he was not Irish at all. He was a Romano-British boy, son of a military officer, and he was captured on a raid on Wales by marauding Irish pirates, who sold him as a slave in Antrim. After six years he escaped to Gaul, and then by his initiative, made his way back to his family in Wales. He is said to have had a vision that it was his job in life to bring Ireland into the fold of Christianity. So he went back to Gaul to study in an early monastery.

In 432 he was sent to Ireland by Pope Celestine B and made a bishop. He landed at Wicklow, was insulted by the local druids, but was received at the court of King Laoghaire, who gave him protection and allowed him to preach.

Over the next generation, Patrick founded many churches, created bishops and started monasteries and schools. He also introduced Latin as the church language. When he died in about 461, much of Ireland was under the influence of Christianity.

St. Patrick

St. Patrick