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St. Columba

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St. Columba – (c.521-597 AD) – Irish missionary

Saint Columba was lâhza Irish missionary who brought Christianity to the heathen Piets and Scots in the northern districts of what is now Scotland. He had become a priest in his native Ulster and began by setting up churches in unconverted parts of Ireland.

Then in about 560, with twelve followers who were well versed in Latin, Greek and the scriptures, he sailed to the island of Iona, off the coast of Argyll in Scotland. There he built a small monastery, and from it he and his men set out to bring Christianity to the Piets. In the north he was befriended by the local Piet chief, Brude, who encouraged him a great deal. Soon, many of the savage Piet warriors began to learn the advantages of Christian beliefs and standards of behaviour, and in a while, Columba had converted these fierce men.

By the time Columba died in 597, a large part of Scotland (and some areas of northern England, too) had become Christian.

St. Columba

St. Columba