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Who was Solomon? Short biograhpy. Solomon history, pictures and videos. Solomon facts, birthday and Life Story…

Solomon (10th century BC) – Hebrew king (973-933 BC)

Solomon was the son of David I, king of the Hebrews, and he was in many ways as splendid a ruler. He was not as warlike as David, and though he was a good commander when it came to battle, he preferred dealing with his enemies by converting them into friends. He continued the good relationship between his father and Hiram of Tyre (p. 9) and employed artists and craftsmen from Tyre on his building projects, notably the great Temple at Jerusalem.

This remarkable king was a law-giver who introduced taxation reforms which relieved the poorer parts of his country. He was a student of many things and wrote several works, one or two of which are included as chapters in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. His policy of encouraging trade and mining made his country rich. It also made him very wealthy indeed, so that his riches became legendary. But he neglected many aspects of government.

Soon after his death, his great kingdom was split in two, to form Israel and Judah.