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Who was Saul? Short biograhpy. Saul history, pictures and videos. Saul facts, birthday and Life Story…

Saul (11th century BC)

First king of the Hebrews ( 7 020-1000 BC) Saul was a descendant of Benjamin, the youngest of Jacob’s sons. In the nth century BC the Hebrews in Palestine had been struggling for independence against the Philistines who had conquered them in about 1050. What they lacked was a military leader, for they had put the leadership in the hands of legal experts

and thinkers like Samuel. In the end, Samuel appointed Saul as king in 1020, and gave him full authority over the people.

Saul led an army against the Philistines and had some success, but in 1000 BC he was utterly defeated at Gilboa and died in battle.