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Sapor II – (Shapur)

Who was Sapor II – (Shapur)? Short biograhpy. Sapor history, pictures and videos. Sapor facts, birthday and Life Story…

Sapor II – (309-379 AD) – Sassanid Persian king (309-379 AD)

When Sapor’s father, Ormizd II, died, his advisers murdered his eldest son, blinded his second son and imprisoned his third son. One of his wives was expecting a fourth child, and when this was born it was Sapor. Thus he was actually born king. When he came of age he demonstrated remarkable strength and independence, setting out to make Persia a truly great nation. This meant incessant warfare with Rome which, in the end, severely sapped the strength of both empires and made them easier prey to barbarians. On the whole his struggle was a successful one, however, especially when in 363 he managed to force the Roman emperor Jovian to accept a humiliating peace treaty. Sapor then went on to conquer Armenia. Persia had not known such strength for centuries.

Sapor II - (Shapur)

Sapor II – (Shapur)