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Who was Moses? Short biograhpy. Moses history, pictures and videos. Moses facts, birthday and Life Story…

Moses (13th century BC) – Hebrew leader

Moses was the leader of the Hebrews who suffered many hardships in Egypt under the pharaoh, Rameses II (p. 8). He organized them into a close band of followers, whom he promised to lead back to Palestine. Then he began to badger Rameses incessantly, begging him ‘Let my people go!’ The Old Testament

records that Moses also caused certain disasters to befall Egypt, such as a plague of locusts which destroyed crops, and an epidemic that caused death to the new born. Although it is not likely that this was Moses’ own work, one may be sure that he did take advantage of such natural disasters as did occur and persuaded Rameses that he was responsible.

Rameses ordered him and the Hebrews to go. So a long trek began across the awful Sinai desert, a journey that took forty years and which Moses did not live to complete. On the way he gave his people a simple code of behaviour by which to live. It was said to have been dictated to him by God and inscribed on tablets; there were ten commandments, which to-day are still the basic rules for Christians all over the world.