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Marcus Ulpius Traianus – (Trajan)

Who was Marcus Ulpius Traianus? Short biograhpy. Marcus Ulpius Traianus history, pictures and videos. Trajan facts, birthday and Life Story…

Trajan (Trajanus, Marcus Ulpius) – (52-117 AD) – Roman emperor (98—7 77 AD)

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was a bold general, hard-working and able statesman, patient and kindly father of his people, tolerant and interested in many things outside his own particular capabilities. Even the elaborate name conjures up a picture of this great Emperor of Rome. Trajan had attracted the attention of the Emperor Nerva who, as he had no son, adopted him, confident that Trajan would prove a good ruler. His faith could not have been better justified.

Trajan guaranteed the safety of the imperial boundaries by crushing enemies along the borders, including the Par-thians, the Germans and the Dacians. At home he worked for prosperity in the empire. He restored the power of the Senate by giving the members more work to do and more say in the administration of the government. The national finances were run properly, and cuts in expenditure were achieved by Trajan setting an example himself at his own court.

Finally, he selected as heir Hadrian (p. 50), who proved to be a remarkable man.

Marcus Ulpius Traianus - (Trajan)

Marcus Ulpius Traianus – (Trajan)