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Marcus Tullius Cicero

Who was Marcus Tullius Cicero? Short biograhpy. Marcus Tullius Cicero history, pictures and videos. Marcus Tullius Cicero facts, birthday and Life Story…

Cicero, Marcus Tullius (106-43 BC) – Roman statesman and orator

Cicero was born in the town of Arpinum and he rose in his time to be consul in Rome and the greatest orator of Roman history. He had many gifts, but he also had fatal flaws to his character, for he was vain, stubborn and often very naive.

He came of humble parents, but he had a quick mind and soon got to the top of his profession as a lawyer, helped of course by his marvellous powers of oratory which he cultivated by studying for some time on the island of Rhodes, where the world’s leading tutor of oratory, Apollonius Molo, resided. Cicero’s rise to fame brought him in contact with the leading men of the day. For a while he was glad to join the more revolutionary elements in politics, but deep down he had a devotion to the aristocracy, even though most of its members had shown themselves corrupt, inefficient and incapable of governing.

In 64 he was elected consul and he crushed a revolt against the government led by Catiline (p. 33). Cicero believed the revolt-and his prompt suppression of it – to be more important than it really was, and thereafter he continually boasted about how he saved the state.

Cicero was a close friend of Caesar because they had a common interest in poetry, oratory and literature, but he could not bring himself to support Caesar’s schemes to rebuild the state. When Caesar was murdered, Cicero declared the deed a glorious one, which it was not. But he also said that Caesar never forgot anything, except an injury -a generous remark.

Cicero was executed by Octavian Augustus, p. 42) after the battle of Philippi.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero