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Marcus Junius Brutus

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Brutus, Marcus Junius (c.85-42 BC) – Roman politician

This moody, thoughtful and humourless aristocrat was the son of one of Julius Caesar’s favourite mistresses, Servilia, and her husband. It was often said that he was Caesar’s illegitimate boy, but there is no evidence of this, except that Caesar was extremely fond of him and gave him all sorts of promotions and favours.

Brutus was said to have been descended from that Lucius Junius Brutus (p. 14) who expelled the last king, Tarquin, from Rome in 509. Certainly, young Brutus grew up to be a staunch republican, ready to overlook the obvious failings of the republican system of government. He married Porcia, the daughter of Cato the Younger (p. 35) and so it was little wonder that while he felt great affection for Caesar, he nonetheless disapproved of all that the great man stood for.

When Gaius Cassius Longinus and other discontented Roman senators, all of whom had good reason to be grateful to Caesar, plotted his death because they thought he was going to restore the monarchy, Brutus at first refused to join the plot. But they worked on his historic connection with the first Brutus and soon he convinced himself that he must sacrifice his benefactor for his idea of how Rome should be governed. When he plunged his dagger into Caesar’s breast, on 15 March 44 BC, it was, as Shakespeare’s Mark Antony said, ‘the most unkindest cut of all.’

Brutus and the others paid the price of their crass folly and treachery, when they were defeated at Philippi in 42. Brutus fell upon his own sword, probably regretting his part in the terrible deed.

Marcus Junius Brutus

Marcus Junius Brutus