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Livia Drusilla

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Livia Drusilla (c.56 BC-29 AD) – Roman empress

Livia was the wife of Augustus (p. 42). She had previously been married to Tiberius Claudius Nero, a Roman senator of ancient family, and their son, Tiberius, was to succeed Augustus as Emperor in 14 AD.

Livia was almost literally taken away from her husband by Augustus, who fell violently in love with her and virtually ordered Tiberius Claudius to divorce her. This was surprising, for by all accounts Livia was not beautiful. She was rather handsome in a matronly sort of way, and she was also very bossy. Perhaps Augustus wanted to be dominated by his wife. In the earlier years of their long marriage, she played an important part in the running of the estate. But when it became clear that she was pushing her two sons by Tiberius Claudius, Drusus and Tiberius, up to the front, Augustus, no doubt egged on by enemies of Livia, tried to cut down her influence in state affairs.

However, when Augustus died and Tiberius, her son, did after all succeed, Livia acted for a while as one of his principal advisers.

Livia Drusilla

Livia Drusilla