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Khosrau II – (Chosroes II)

Who was Khosrau II – (Chosroes II)? Short biograhpy. Khosrau II history, pictures and videos. Khosrau II facts, birthday and Life Story…

Chosroes II – (d.628 AD) – Sassanid Persian king (591-628 AD)

Chosroes began his reign by trying to keep peace with Byzantium. He was friendly with the Byzantine emperor, Maurice, but when the latter was murdered in 602, Chosroes decided to avenge his friend and he invaded Syria and Asia Minor. By 608 his armies were almost at the gates of the capital Constantinople itself.

Chosroes ravaged far and wide in the Near East. He captured Damascus in 614 and then took Jerusalem, where he found and carted away the True Cross, on which Jesus Christ was said to have been crucified. In 616 he captured Alexandria. Chosroes was not finally beaten until 628, when he met his match in the emperor Heraclius.

Khosrau II - (Chosroes II)

Khosrau II – (Chosroes II)