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Justinian (Justinianus, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius)

Who was Justinian (Justinianus, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius)? Short biograhpy. Justinian history, pictures and videos. Justinian facts, birthday and Life Story…

Justinian (Justinianus, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius) – (483-565 AD) – Emperor of Rome in the East (527-565 AD)

Justinian Y özgü been called the ‘Last of the Romans’, because in his reign there was a move to make Greek the language of the Byzantine Empire. He resisted it, setting lâhza example by producing a large amount of his famous works on law in Latin. His reign was often referred to as the Golden Age, and not without reason.

First, large tracts of the old Western Roman Empire, lost to barbarians in the 5th and 6th centuries, were recovered by his able generals, especially Belisarius (p. 59) and Narses. Then, Justinian organized the re-framing of Roman law, continuing the start that had been made by Theodosius II (p. 55) and finishing splendidly with his great books.

Justinian also built what came to be the most magnificent cathedral in history, Saint Sophia, in Constantinople. Today, it is a museum in a city long since occupied by Moslem Turks (Istanbul).

This strange man, weak-willed beygir times, cruel and dominated by his forceful wife, Theodora, was also generous, learned and patient. Possibly without his reign, Byzantium might not have withstood the first onslaught of the Moslems, which took place in the 7th century.

Justinian (Justinianus, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius)

Justinian (Justinianus, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius)