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Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ – (?4 BC-733 AD) – Jewish religious leader

Jesus of Nazareth was born at the end of the reign of Herod the Great, King of Judah (37-4 BC). Christians believe that he was the son of God. In his youth he discovered that he had certain healing powers which occasionally he used to alleviate illnesses. He also studied Hebrew law and learnt about many Jewish writings, including the works of Hillel (p. 42).

When he was about thirty, Jesus decided to give up his job as a carpenter, and set out to preach and to heal. Before long he had a following, and as it grew he began to organize a band of the leading men. These he regarded as his disciples, and it was their job to manage the meetings at which Jesus preached or healed.

Jesus’ message was a simple one, based on the brotherhood of man. However, it was not in accordance with strict Hebrew doctrine. The Sadducees, then the ruling party in Palestine, objected to his teachings and they cast doubts on his healing powers. So they summoned a meeting and put Jesus on trial. They had already secured the agreement of the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, who above all wanted peace and quiet in this trouble-ridden Roman province.

Pilate allowed the Jews to crucify Jesus for blasphemy (which is really saying that they punished him for disagreeing with them). His death did not affect many at the time, except his followers, but within twenty-five years his teachings were being spread all around the Roman world, albeit secretly, because the Roman government had prohibited Christianity in any form. Much of this teaching was due to the Cilician tent-maker, Saul, who changed his name to Paul and devoted his life to building up a new faith, that of Christianity.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ