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Who was Heraclius? Short biograhpy. Heraclius history, pictures and videos. Heraclius facts, birthday and Life Story…

Heraclius – (c.575—641 AD) – Emperor of Rome in the East (610-641 AD)

Heraclius was much like the ancient Greek hero, whose name his so closely resembled, Heracles (Hercules), for both were tall, handsome, tough and bold. He came to Byzantium in about 6io and seized the imperial throne, in order to save the empire from collapsing before the onslaught of its enemies, the Persians, the Avars, and the Slavs.

For some years he endured defeats, though none were too severe to sustain. All the while he was building up Byzantine strength until he could strike the decisive retaliatory blows.

In about 627, Heraclius was ready to strike and in a few months he recaptured all lost territories, and even invaded Persia itself. In 628, Ctesiphon was taken by storm, and the Holy Cross, stolen from Jerusalem by the Persians under Chosroes in 614, was recovered.