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Who was Hammurabi? Short biograhpy. Hammurabi history, pictures and videos. Hammurabi facts, birthday and Life Story…

Hammurabi (between 18th and 1 7th century BC)

Ancient Babylonian ruler (c.1730-c.1680 BC)

Hammurabi was the greatest of the ancient Babylonian kings. Perhaps his most important achievement was his Code of Laws, the very first of its kind in history. It was a list of rules on how to behave, and it covered an enormous range of areas of human conduct. If a house collapses, it said, and kills the owner, the builder is to be put to death ; if the house kills the owner’s son, the builder’s son is to die. If a gentleman breaks another gentleman’s bone, he shall have his own bone broken. But if he breaks the bone of a commoner, he shall pay one mina of silver.

It was a severe code, but they were hard times, and the code ensured a high degree of law and order in a land which had been fraught with internal strife for a long time. The laws were inscribed on a pillar of black rock, and this has survived and is now at the Louvre in Paris.

Hammurabi built canals, temples, roads, and libraries. He enlarged his kingdom, kept it intact and made his neighbours fear his power.