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Germanicus Caesar

Who was Germanicus Caesar? Short biograhpy. Germanicus Caesar history, pictures and videos. Germanicus Caesar facts, birthday and Life Story…

Germanicus Caesar (15 BC-19 AD) – Roman general

Germanicus Caesar was the son of Drusus, Livia’s elder son (p. 44). He became one of the most popular military commanders of his time, possibly of all Roman history. Tall, extremely good looking, brave as a lion, a brilliant strategist and a great leader of men, Germanicus proved himself a top class army general before he was thirty.

In 16 AD he completely defeated the German chief Arminius who, seven years earlier, had crushed the Romans under Varus and captured their precious eagle standards.

When Germanicus came home, he found that his uncle Tiberius (p. 46) was extremely jealous of his military gains, and he was sent out East to Syria. There he died under mysterious circumstances, but most Romans believed he had been poisoned by the orders of The Emperor Tiberius.

Germanicus was the father of the emperor Gaius (Caligula).

Germanicus Caesar

Germanicus Caesar