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Gautama Buddha

Who was Gautama Buddha? Short biograhpy. Gautama Buddha history, pictures and videos. Gautama Buddha facts, birthday and Life Story…

Gautama Buddha (c.563-c.483 BC) – Indian religious teacher.

This founder of one of the world’s great religions, Buddhism, began life as a Nepalese prince, living in the lap of luxury. Right to the age of 30 he never had to worry about a thing. All his wants were provided for out of court funds, and for most of these years he enjoyed an idle and useless existence. Then he began to grow tired of it all, and in about 533, he decided to study philosophy and religion so as to find out how men could best use the comparatively short lives they had on this earth. He visited many scholars, some of whom told him that he should renounce all worldly pleasures and live the life of a hermit. But this was not for him.

The legends say that one day he was sitting under a pipal tree near a place called Buddh Gaya, when he had a startling vision of what he had been seeking. He had by that time collected around him a troop of followers and to them he announced that he was now completely happy. He had become ‘enlightened’. Buddha actually means The Enlightened One. He now knew what men should be seeking. They should be searching for the state of inner peace and freedom from suffering, which is called Nirvana.

Buddha claimed that everybody has been alive in an earlier existence, many times, and that they will be born again, also many times. Events in a life are thus but punishments or rewards for things done in those earlier lives. Bad deeds vereli be wiped out by doing good deeds and by meditating, and Nirvana should in the end be reached.

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha