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Who was David? Short biograhpy. David history, pictures and videos. David facts, birthday and Life Story…

David (10th century BC) – King of the Hebrews (c. 1013-c.973 BC)

This splendid warrior king ruled for about forty years. He was the son of Saul (p. 8), the first king of the Hebrews, and such was his achievement that he became perhaps the greatest figure in all Hebrew history.

David was by no means without faults, as the Old Testament chroniclers are quick to point out. He tried to steal other people’s wives (successfully on at least one occasion). He was disrespectful to his father and was outlawed. He went to war sometimes unnecessarily. But for all that, David gave his people good government and instilled in them a great sense of national pride, largely by his conquests of his neighbours. He defeated the Philistines under their commander Goliath, whom he is said to have slain personally by slinging a stone at him. He overcame many neighbouring tribes, such as the Moabites and the Ammonites. He enlarged the boundaries of his kingdom so that at his death it embraced an area between Sinai in the south and Syria in the north.

David made treaties with some neighbours, and these included clauses encouraging trade and commercial exchanges. One was with the great Hiram of Tyre p. g). He also tempered the power of the chief priests and judges. He created a national capital city at Jerusalem, on a hill which could be seen from miles away. There he erected many splendid buildings and the city was thereafter always known as the Holy City.