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Cyrus the Great

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Cyrus the Great (6th century BC) – First Persian king (560-529 BC)

There is always something romantic and exciting about the great Persian empire of bygone days, and none of its rulers was more fascinating than the first one, Cyrus, who built up an enormous empire and laid down excellent principles for governing it. First, he conquered many neighbouring kingdoms, Lydia, Media and then Babylon, which he overthrew in 539. In the last city he found the exiled Hebrews imprisoned by Nebuchadrezzar 11 (p. 12) half a century earlier and allowed them to go home to Judah if they so wished.

By 530, Persia was the largest empire in the world. Then Cyrus began the process of allowing the conquered regions considerable powers of self-government, which was to be a characteristic of Persian imperial policy for many generations. It was a good way to hold together an empire of greatly differing peoples and customs.

Tragically, Cyrus was killed in 529, during a skirmish with the Massagetae, a barbarous race living east of the Caspian Sea.

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus the Great