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Who was Confucius? Short biograhpy. Confucius history, pictures and videos. Confucius facts, birthday and Life Story…

Confucius (c.551-c.480 BC) – Chinese philosopher

Confucius is the Latin rendering of the Chinese name of the great philosopher, Kung Fu Tzu, which means Philosopher King. Confucius’ early years, like those of many founders of religions or beliefs, are obscured by myth. He was said to have been the ugliest boy in all China, with huge, flapping ears, a boxer’s squashed nose, and sharp, protruding teeth. He was also said to have been astonishingly clever at a very young age.

In manhood, he entered the Chinese civil service and for many years followed a worthwhile career. But as he grew older he began to want to improve the quality of life among his fellow men. He did not think this should necessarily be done by a benevolent government handing out favours and gifts, but rather by men improving their way of life and their attitudes to their neighbours; in short, developing a better sense of social responsibility.

At the age of about 60 he retired from government service and set up a school of pupils whom he sought to instruct in his ideas in order to send them out into the Chinese countryside to pass on his teaching. The syllabus was a wide one: morals, family duties, social reform, and individual personal relationships. He is said not to have put many of his ideas to writing, but of course his followers did, and among the works attributed to his teaching are the Analects (or Conversations), which are a record of his lectures.

Confucius was greatly respected in his lifetime and is the best known of the Chinese philosophers.