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Who was Cincinnatus? Short biograhpy. Cincinnatus history, pictures and videos. Cincinnatus facts, birthday and Life Story…

Cincinnatus, Lucius Quinctius (c.51 9— c.430 BC) – Roman general

Although this great Roman soldier lived for many years, we know very little about him other than the fact that when he was nearly sixty and had retired from high office, he was called upon to save the state in the war with the Aequi. The deputation from the Senate that called upon him found him in his fields on his small farm, ploughing. They begged him to accept the office of dictator. Grudgingly, murmuring something about being retired now, Cincinnatus said he must finish the strip first. Then, as the sun set, he went back to his humble cottage, took down some arms from the wall and allowed himself to be conveyed to Rome.

There, he accepted the office on the clear understanding that it was only a temporary one. Then he put himself at the head of the army and led it to victory (458). Immediately afterwards, he resigned the dictatorship and went back to his farm. Scarcely a fortnight had passed since the deputation arrived. Several years later, he was again called upon to save the state and he crushed a rebellion at the age of 80.

Later generations used to quote his simple, direct and virtuous life as a model of how a Roman ought to be.