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Chandragupta I

Who was Chandragupta I? Short biograhpy. Chandragupta I history, pictures and videos. Chandragupta I facts, birthday and Life Story…

Chandragupta I (c.340-c.286 BC) – First Mauryan emperor of India (322-297 BC)

Chandragupta I was the first emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty of rulers in India, and he ruled from about 322 to about 297 BC. As a young man he had met Alexander the Great (p. 20), when that magnificent world figure had led his armies as far as the river Indus. Alexander’s empire broke up soon after his death in 323, and Chandragupta was one of the first eastern princes to break away from Greek dominion. In a short time he created a new empire, the Mauryan, which covered the land between the Ganges and the Indus and which included what is now Afghanistan.

Chandragupta gave his dominion strong central government. He based it on ideas taken from the Greeks, and mixed them with those more familiar to Indians. To keep the wide-spread empire under control, he used a professional army which had already proved itself in successful fighting against Seleucus, one of Alexander’s heirs. Such was his fame that at the end of the fourth century, in about 300, the Greeks sent an ambassador to his court at Patna.

Chandragupta abdicated in 297 and committed suicide, presumably in a fit of depression, in 286.

Chandragupta I

Chandragupta I