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Camillus, Marcus Furius

Who was Camillus, Marcus Furius? Short biograhpy. Marcus Furius history, pictures and videos. Camillus facts, birthday and Life Story…

Camillus, Marcus Furius (4th century BC) – Roman dictator and saviour

Camillus was always revered in Roman times as one of Rome’s early great heroes. It was he who saved the Capitol from the Gauls, when they invaded Rome in 390, and he prevented the Gallic leader, Brennus, from devastating the city. He also besieged the city of Veii, a dangerous neighbour, for ten years and finally captured it. And there were other occasions when he came to the rescue of Rome, by taking command and extricating Roman armies from disasters.

Camillus was created dictator at least four times in national emergency. It was an office of short duration, but which carried absolute powers while it was in being.

Although he was an aristocrat, Camillus, in his old age, in about 367, urged the senate to grant more rights and more say in the government to the common people. It is believed he died of plague in about 365.

Camillus, Marcus Furius

Camillus, Marcus Furius