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Caligula – (Gaius Caesar)

Who was Caligula (Gaius Caesar)? Short biograhpy. Caligula history, pictures and videos. Caligula facts, birthday and Life Story…

Caligula (Gaius Caesar) – (12-41 AD) – Roman emperor (37—41 AD)

Caligula is the Latin for little boot. When Gaius Caesar was a young boy, his father, Germanicus (p. 43), used to take him to the wars and dress him up in miniature uniform – hence the nickname. But no sooner had Gaius succeeded his uncle Tiberius (p. 46) as Emperor in 37, than he showed himself to be a cruel and insane tyrant of the worst kind. The affection felt for the little boy in army boots turned quickly to hate and fear.

For four years this madman ruled Rome absolutely. At the slightest whim he would order someone or other, no matter how senior, how respected, and most of all how innocent of any crime, to be put to death for no better reason than that he enjoyed the power to give such orders at will. ‘Make him feel he is dying,’ was one familiar cry Caligula would utter, as some unfortunate man or other was tortured to death before his eyes.

His madness was so extreme that he is said to have created his favourite horse, Incitatus, consul, for the year 41. By that time, he had made enemies everywhere. One was Cassius Chaerea, commander of his bodyguard, and this rough old soldier stabbed the Emperor to death during a session of the gladiatorial games in 41 AD.

Caligula - (Gaius Caesar)

Caligula – (Gaius Caesar)