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Who was Caedmon? Short biograhpy. Caedmon history, pictures and videos. Caedmon facts, birthday and Life Story…

Caedmon – (7th century AD) – English poet

Caedmon was a shepherd in Yorkshire, who lived in the seventh century AD. He had no education whatever and could neither read nor write. Then, suddenly, when he was asleep one evening, he had a vision. In it, an angel invited him to sing. Caedmon asked what he should sing, for all he knew was the odd, rough farming song. The angel replied that he should sing about God, how the world was created, and so on.

When he woke up, Caedmon remembered the dream vividly. He also remembered the verses that he had sung in it, telling of things he knew nothing about, in language he had never heard. So he rushed to the priory at Whitby, near where he lived, and began to sing these to the prior in comprehensible verses. There the abbess Hilda took down all his words, and was amazed at their force, clarity and accuracy. When she read him parts of the Bible, he immediately transformed them into verse.

Clearly, this young man was a fine poet, but how could he develop, if he could not read nor write? So the abbess took him in as a member of the community, where he learned to write down the verses that kept tumbling out of his thoughts.

He was the earliest English poet.