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Who was Boadicea? Short biograhpy. Boadicea history, pictures and videos. Boadicea facts, birthday and Life Story…

Boadicea – (1st century AD) – British (Celtic) queen.

When Britain was invaded by Aulus Plautius in 40 AD, the king of the Iceni, (from what is now East Anglia) Prasuta-gus accepted the sovereignty of Rome and ruled in peace. Prasutagus died in 60, and the Romans took over his kingdom. It appears that in the process they insulted and ill treated his widow, Boadicea, a fine looking Celtic woman of tremendous spirit and courage.

A little while later, the main Roman army moved westwards, in order to conquer Wales. Boadicea took advantage of their departure to stir up a national revolt of Celtic Britons. Support came swiftly, and in 61 she was strong enough to descend upon the Roman garrison towns of Camulodunum (Colchester) and Veru-lamium (St. Albans) where her troops slaughtered the inhabitants and burned down the buildings.

The Roman governor, Suetonius Paul-inus, heard about the rising, marched swiftly back from Wales and surprised Boadicea in a battle somewhere in the East Midlands. Her people fought with stubborn bravery, and she did especially, but were completely overcome by superior Roman discipline and scattered.

Boadicea took poison and died almost at once.