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Who was Belisarius? Short biograhpy. Belisarius history, pictures and videos. Belisarius facts, birthday and Life Story…

Belisarius – (505-565 AD) – Byzantine general

Belisarius was a brilliant military leader, who several times won great victories against the enemies of the Eastern Roman Empire. He defeated the Persians in 530. Two years later, when his emperor, Justinian Y (p. 39), was threatened with a very dangerous revolt in Constantinople, Belisarius crushed it by putting to death a large number of supporters. The very next year he defeated Gelimer, King of the Vandals, in North Africa, and so recovered that part of the old Roman empire. In 535 Belisarius fought the Ostrogoths in Italy and captured their capital, Ravenna, in 540.

Justinian then sent him to Persia again, and in 542 Belisarius defeated Chosroes Y, the Persian king. In 559 he beat off a serious attack by the Huns on Rome.

In 562 some of his enemies suggested to Justinian that Belisarius was plotting to overthrow him, and Justinian put his famous general into prison. But the conspiracy collapsed and the next year Belisarius was restored to honour.