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Bede, The Venerable

Who was Bede, The Venerable? Short biograhpy. Bede history, pictures and videos. Bede facts, birthday and Life Story… Bede, The Venerable – (673-735 AD) – English scholar The Venerable Bede, as he has long been known in


Who was Caedmon? Short biograhpy. Caedmon history, pictures and videos. Caedmon facts, birthday and Life Story… Caedmon – (7th century AD) – English poet Caedmon was a shepherd in Yorkshire, who lived in the seventh century AD.


Who was Callinicus? Short biograhpy. Callinicus history, pictures and videos. Callinicus facts, birthday and Life Story… Callinicus – (7th century AD) – Egyptian born scientist Callinicus was an Egyptian architect and scientist who was born at Heliopolis.


Who was Harsha? Short biograhpy. Harsha history, pictures and videos. Harsha facts, birthday and Life Story… Harsha – (c.590—647 AD) – King of India (606-647 AD) India had several periods of greatness interspersed with days of decline

Omar I

Who was Omar I? Short biograhpy. Omar I history, pictures and videos. Omar I facts, birthday and Life Story… Omar I – (581-644 AD) – Moslem caliph Omar became the second caliph of the newly formed Moslem


Who was Heraclius? Short biograhpy. Heraclius history, pictures and videos. Heraclius facts, birthday and Life Story… Heraclius – (c.575—641 AD) – Emperor of Rome in the East (610-641 AD) Heraclius was much like the ancient Greek hero,

Isidore of Seville

Who was Isidore of Seville? Short biograhpy. Isidore of Seville history, pictures and videos. Isidore of Seville facts, birthday and Life Story… Isidore of Seville – (c.560-636 AD) – Spanish historian and saint Isidore was archbishop of


Who was Abu-Bakr? Short biograhpy. Abu-Bakr history, pictures and videos. Abu-Bakr facts, birthday and Life Story… Abu-Bakr – (573-634 AD) – First Moslem caliph Abu-Bakr was the right hand man and leading general of the prophet Mohammed


Who was Mohammed? Short biograhpy. Mohammed history, pictures and videos. Mohammed facts, birthday and Life Story… Mohammed – (570-632 AD) – Arabian prophet It would always be a great mistake to underestimate the importance of Mohammed in

Khosrau II – (Chosroes II)

Who was Khosrau II – (Chosroes II)? Short biograhpy. Khosrau II history, pictures and videos. Khosrau II facts, birthday and Life Story… Chosroes II – (d.628 AD) – Sassanid Persian king (591-628 AD) Chosroes began his reign