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Who was Attila? Short biograhpy. Attila history, pictures and videos. Attila facts, birthday and Life Story…

Attila – (c.406-453 AD) – Hun chief

Attila was the ferocious chief of a large horde of Hun tribes, who came into Western Europe from Russia in the 5th century AD. They were looking for living space and they were, like so many other barbarians of the times, attracted by what they heard of Roman luxury. In about 447, Attila reached the very gates of Constantinople, which was then the richest city in the world. As his men prepared to surround the huge walls, there was a terrifying earthquake. The men were extremely frightened.

The Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II used this ‘heaven-sent’ opportunity to try to bribe Attila, and envoys were sent out to the Asiatic warrior with three tons of gold ingots. Attila accepted, and moved off.

Five years later, he stormed through Italy and came to Rome, threatening to siege it. This time there was no earthquake. But nor were there any bribes. The Pope, Leo B, merely asked him to go away – and he did.