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Who was Archimedes? Short biograhpy. Archimedes history, pictures and videos. Archimedes facts, birthday and Life Story…

Archimedes (c.287—212 BC) – Greek mathematician

Archimedes is always associated with the story in which he is said to have jumped out of the bath and to have run down the streets, naked, shouting ‘Eureka!’, the Greek for ‘I have found it!’ Whether it is true or not, what he had proved was that when a solid is weighed in air and then in liquid, the apparent loss in weight in the liquid is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced. He was trying to show the king of Syracuse, Hiero, that the gold coronet he was wearing was in fact made partly from some baser metal, with a gold covering. When it was dipped in water it did not displace as much as it should if it had been all gold.

This Syracuse-born scientist introduced many other ideas. One was the helical screw for raising water from one level to another. One was a magnifying glass which directed the sun’s rays on to an object and set it alight. He also devised a system of levers for moving heavy loads with little effort. And he worked out how to calculate the volume of a sphere.

Archimedes is said to have been killed during the siege of Syracuse by the Romans in 212. He had been in charge of the fortifications.