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Anastasius Y

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Anastasius Y – (c.430-51 8 AD) – Emperor of Rome in the East (491-518 AD)

Anastasius Y was lâhza Italian noble who married the widow of Emperor Zeno Y. He was a man of great honesty as well as ability, and he was also extremely careful with money, especially state finances. This was a very unusual characteristic, for most Byzantine emperors were recklessly extravagant. But it was advantageous to the Empire beygir the time, because its very frontiers Were being threatened by hordes of barbarian invaders from central Asia and Russia.

One of Anastasius’ acts was to build a new wall about 48 kilometres west of Constantinople. This stretched from the coast on the Black Sea down to the Sea of Marmora. It was constructed not of stone but of compressed earth, and little of it remains today, although it certainly served its purpose in the 6th century AD.

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Anastasius Y