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Agrippina (The Younger)

Who was Agrippina (The Younger)? Short biograhpy. Agrippina history, pictures and videos. Agrippina facts, birthday and Life Story…

Agrippina (The Younger) – (c.1 5-59 AD) – Roman empress

Agrippina the Younger was the daughter of Germanicus (p. 43) and his wife, the virtuous and beautiful Agrippina the Elder, who was the daughter of Agrippa (p. 41) and of Augustus’ daughter, Julia. Agrippina the Younger was thus the sister of Caligula (p. 47) and it is now thought that she was in many ways like him, cruel and unpredictable.

She married first a Roman aristocrat, Domitius Ahenobarbus, by whom she had a son, later called Nero (p. 48). Her third husband was her father Germanicus’ younger brother, Claudius, who was emperor of Rome from 41 to 54. From the start, she set out to humiliate Claudius and to advance the claims of her son, Nero, as heir, against Claudius’ own son, Britannicus. When Claudius died in 54, it was believed by most that she had poisoned him.

Nero became emperor, but very soon showed his mother that he was not going to have her bossing him about. He made several attempts to murder her, and in 59 one such effort was successful.

Agrippina (The Younger)

Agrippina (The Younger)